Transformer Workshop


CIGRE Australia is again proud to be presenting its Transformer Workshop leading into the 2020 Techcon Aus-NZ conference and Expo. 

The Workshop has attracted several expert speakers on relevant practical and useful topics and will appeal to all industry sectors involved with the transformers - including asset owners, engineers, operators, inspection and maintenance personnel, contractors and suppliers.


Delegates are encouraged to consider the following thought provokers and then pose their questions for the OPEN DISCUSSION PANEL SESSION:

1.      What should an Asset Manager be doing (or not doing) to manage their transformers and reduce the risk of failure?
Thought-provokers: Cost of maintenance vs risk of failure, testing regimes, spares management etc. What factors are used to determine end of life? Is do nothing an option? Is consideration given to; the skills of maintenance service providers (in-house or outsourced), quality of equipment, work practices and how such matters are assessed?

2.      Which tests should be performed on a transformer and how often should asset condition be determined?
Thought-provokers: Testing regimes, On-line vs Off-line, too much testing vs too little? How are test results interpreted and assessed?

3.      When it comes to refurbishment, life extension and replacement what are the key considerations for an Asset Manager?
Thought-provokers: Is run to fail an option? Which drivers help us decide to maintain, refurbish, repair, or replace a transformer? What consideration is given to the environmental impact of failures and the disposal of materials at the end of life?


The current program can be downloaded HERE.